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Oct. 7, 2022


Skiing In Colorado~ it is that time of year.

There are many reasons to love living in Colorado.  One of them is definitely the various terrains available throughout our 26 ski resorts.  Colorado has a reputation for being one of the top destinations for avid skiers and snowboarders.

Below are some links to websites that give you everything you would ever want to know about skiing in Colorado; from where to go as well as webcams for each resort.  

Colorado Ski Areas   

Happy Skiing!


Sept. 29, 2022

Customer Appreciation Christmas Photo Sessions


Please join us. We want to show our APPRECIATION and THANKS
for your continued support of Keenan Real Estate with a 

3rd Annual Christmas Mini Photo Shoot.

These will be short Christmas minis with the purpose of getting a few great shots to use for a Christmas card or to get an updated family portrait, our treat.  Each session will be 15 minutes long and will take place at Stroh Ranch Recreation Center, 19301 J Morgan Blvd, Parker, CO 80134
 There will be several Christmas decorations to make each photo session personalized.

Our photographer has been booked for October 22nd, from 11 am-3 pm. The photoshoot will be held inside and the sessions will be 15 minutes each. We will deliver the images via email to you once complete.

Thank you again for your continued support!

To sign up for the OCTOBER 22nd Photo Shoot CLICK HERE

Address of Photo Shoot:  19301 J Morgan Blvd, Parker, CO 80134

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, 303-564-6988.

~ Keenan Real Estate
 Kimberly and Bill Keenan



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Sept. 29, 2022

OPEN HOUSE 21305 E Otero Parkway

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Sept. 24, 2022


Enjoy the best that Denver has to offer this fall without stretching your budget. The Mile High City is packed with free festivals, attractions and activities that will keep you busy all season long.

Sept. 21-23
In the Ballpark Neighborhood (between 20th and 22nd Sts. on Larimer St.)
This family friendly fest commemorates the world-famous and time-honored tradition of German heritage. Enjoy German attractions including music from national touring groups, performances by international dancers, children's activities, and heritage booths selling German goods, splendid decor, an accordion concert and authentic drinks and cuisine.

Farmers’ Markets  
The many farmers’ markets spread throughout the Mile High City aren’t just about locally grown farm-fresh produce, delicious baked goods and good-to-the-last bite prepared foods – though you’ll find more than enough of those things. Each Denver Farmers’ Market is a festive, weekly street fair, with live entertainment, family friendly activities and a vibrant crowd of locals. 

Festival of Scarecrows
Oct. 6
Scarecrow contest, pumpkin patch, kids costume parade, community booths, hay wagon rides, giant pumpkin contest are featured at this boo fest presented with Historic Olde Town Arvada Association.

Chatfields Pumpkin Festival- Oct 7-9

This three-day festival is a great tradition for the entire family!

Various fall-themed activities will be available, such as arts and crafts, various pumpkin-themed activities and monster hand building. Kids can also enjoy free amusement rides, explore the pumpkin patch and get their faces painted!

Don’t forget to bring your wagon to our 10-acre pumpkin patch. Pumpkin prices vary by size - the average price is $8. Free Pumpkin Daycare is available, so you can enjoy the rest of the festival! While visiting Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, make it a full day of family fun and stop by the spectacular Corn Maze right next door. Watch the delight as younger children find their way through a special McDonald's Mini-Maze designed just for them.

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
8500 W Deer Creek Canyon Road
Littleton, CO 80128

Denver Arts Week: Night At The Museums
Nov. 4-12th  
Based on the popular event from Paris, Denver Arts Week’s Night at the Museums explores the city's top museums that open their doors for free from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Free shuttle buses are available, which also includes free parking, making it possible to hop from museum to museum. In addition to being free, many of the museums offer music, dance and special performances. Denver Arts Week continues through Nov. 10, and includes many other free activities. 

First Friday Art Walks  
First Friday Art Walks are known for the rich, shared experience of performance art, music, painting exhibitions and lots more. It's an event that feeds both your need for art and culture and your desire to have fun!

Happy autumn!!!

June 4, 2022


5 Secrets Your Contractor Doesn’t Want You to Know

You think of your contractor as an ally and partner — but he’s a primarily a businessman who may not reveal all. Here’s how to level the playing field.

1. He's desperate for your business

As tough as the economy has been overall, the construction industry has been in far worse shape. While the national unemployment rate has hovered around 8%, for construction workers it’s been a whopping 17% and higher.

What you should do: It doesn’t mean you should play hardball with your contractor on his price (because he might cut corners on the job if you do), but if you ask for an itemized bid, and explain that you're getting them from a few contractors, he's going to sharpen his pencil and give you his most competitive price.

2. He's going to farm out the work

General contractors often don’t do the physical work themselves. They might have been carpenters or plumbers, but now that they run their own businesses, they’ve retired their tool belts.

Instead, their role is to sign clients, manage budgets, and schedule a cast of subcontractors. When he’s trying to win your business, a contractor can be pretty vague about how involved he’s going to be — and who will be running the job day-to-day.

What you should do: Inquire who will be in charge of the jobsite. Ask to meet the job foreman, preferably while he’s at work on a current jobsite. “Maybe he’s a chain smoker or doesn’t speak English or who knows what?” says Stockbridge, Mass., contractor Jay Rhind. “You want to make sure you feel comfortable with him.”

3. A big deposit is unnecessary -- and possibly illegal

When you sign a contract, you’re usually expected to pay a deposit. But that’s not for covering the contractor’s initial materials or set-up costs.

If his business is financially sound and he’s in good standing with his suppliers, he shouldn't need to pay for anything up front. In fact, many states limit a contractor’s advance.

What you should do: If your contractor is asking for, say, 25%-30% of a job that’s not even due to start for a while, offer to give a more nominal amount (5%-10%) with the contract and the rest on the day the work commences.

4. He's not only marking up labor, but materials too

No contractor wants to talk about it, but he’s going to mark up everything he pays out to make your job happen. That’s fair; it’s how he pays his own overhead and salary. Keep it in mind that the 10% to 20% mark-up applies not just to materials but labor costs, too.

What you should do: If you can handle buying items such as plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and flooring, ask your contractor to take them out of his bid price. Be sure to agree on specific numbers and amounts of what you’ll be buying, and that you’ll have the items to the jobsite when they’re needed. You could save 10%-20% or more from what your contractor might charge.

5. He’s not the design whiz he claims to be

Sure, there are contractors who have strong design abilities. Chances are, however, they’re spending a lot more time running their businesses than honing their design chops.

What you should do: Don’t count on a contractor to design your space and add clever details, unless he clearly demonstrates his abilities and has a portfolio of his own designs. Ask his references specifically about his design skills. Otherwise, you’re better off hiring an architect for overall planning, and a kitchen and bath designer for the details. The cost of those design professionals usually is compensated by efficient planning and problem-free design work.

By: Oliver Marks



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May 1, 2022


Although housing prices started to rebound last year and are expected to continue rising in 2022, it's still a buyer's market. Prices remain 30 percent below their peak before the housing crash and mortgage rates hovering at all-time lows. If you are ready to jump in to the real estate market, here are 13 house-hunting tips for 2022.

1. Run the numbers. Put together a financial plan to determine whether you can really afford to buy. After all, just because it's a good time to purchase a home doesn't mean it's a good time for YOU to buy. It's important to understand how much home you can afford and whether home ownership might preclude you from addressing other important financial issues in your life.


2. Save 20 percent for a down payment. I'm not a huge fan of putting down less than that amount (although the Federal Housing Administration allows it). Keep your down payment fund in cash or cash equivalent accounts, so that market movements don't thwart your plans.

3. Be an informed buyer. You're not going to buy a house simply because there's a pretty photo posted online, but you can conduct a lot of price research. That said, there's nothing better than talking to people in the neighborhood for "on the ground" intelligence.

4. Obtain a copy of your credit report. If you haven't done so in a while, go to and request your free copy. It's important that you correct any errors on the report before you start the mortgage process.

5. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval is a good gut check on your price range for a home. Gone are the days that banks will fork over cash to anyone with a heartbeat. The best way to start is to ask friends for referrals from mortgage brokers and to shop around with banks and credit unions. Make sure to compare apples to apples and to ask the broker about your total costs to you at closing. You should also know that once you actually find a home, the mortgage process is on the same pain level as a root canal, only it requires more patience and there's no Novocain. You'll need to dig up tons of paperwork and fair warning -- there will be multiple requests for even more documents as you move toward closing. Eventually, you will need "commitment letter," which details the terms of your loan approval.

6. Hire a real estate attorney. This is a major transaction in your life, so don't try to save money when it comes to legal fees. Even if your mortgage company provides a lawyer, hire your own to help draft all documents and to ensure that your interests are being represented at every step of the process.

7. Get an appraisal. An appraisal will determine the market value of the property and ultimately will be used by your lender to determine the amount of your loan. You have a legal right to get a copy of this and will want a copy for your records.

8. Start with a fair offer. The offer should be based on similar houses sold in the neighborhood in the past six months. Your agent will help you with the process, but the offer should include the price you're willing to pay for the house, your financing terms and contingencies such as specifying what will happen if any problems come up during the inspection.

9. Purchase homeowners insurance. If you are a life-long renter, this can be an eye-opener in terms of cost. Make sure that you understand the difference between insuring the structure and insuring the contents. And if you are buying property that is close to water, make sure that you have an agent who can help you enroll in the national flood insurance program.

10. Review your HUD statement BEFORE closing. The government document provides basic details about the involved parties and a lot of numbers. Mistakes do occur, which is why it is vital that you review the statement and confirm that everything is correct.



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April 19, 2022


Spring is just around the corner, and it's about time to begin doing that seasonal cleaning. You’re probably dreading it, I know I do, but there is something you can do to make it a bit better. Going green and natural can help you avoid the dangers that many chemicals in cleansers can bring into your home. If you want to get your home freshened up and looking clean, here are some wonderful spring cleaning tips that are all natural.

Tip #1 –

Get the Clean Smell the Natural Way

After having the house all closed up through the winter, you may want to find a way to make the house smell clean. Do not resort to using those air fresheners that end up putting chemicals into the air of your home. One of the best things you can do is to simply open windows. Doing this will bring in fresh air, get rid of impurities, and eliminate those stale odors.

Here is a great Homemade Air Freshener if you find opening the windows is just doing it for you.
To naturally get rid of odors, make a simple air freshener with 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 3 drops essential oil (I like lavender), and pour in 2 cups of hot water. Mix well, pour into a spray bottle, and have fun!

Tip #2 – Hang Items Outside

Instead of throwing curtains and towels in the dryer with softener sheets, which also include chemicals, you can get a great smell by hanging them outside. The fresh air will dry them for you and make them smell great so when you bring them back inside, they’ll add to the clean smell of your home.

Tip #3 – Look for Natural Products

In some cases you may need more than just the products you can create at home to clean your house. Try looking for natural products that do not include chemicals in them. Often you’ll find that even your local supermarket has leaning towards products that are all natural and plant based so you can clean your home this spring without worrying about breathing in chemicals and furthering pollution and global warming.

Happy Cleaning

For more great Spring Cleaning ideas visit

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March 5, 2022

Inspection 101

As a Realtor, I have seen it all- from the dreams come true to the lurking nightmares.  Part of my responsibility is to ensure that my buyers and sellers have the facts, and the best way to educate is to inspect. 

What Is A Home Inspection?

It is a complete evaluation of the condition of the home. This evaluation is done by a trained home inspector. Both major and minor parts of the home will be inspected. Cosmetic issues tend to be the only thing that is not included in an inspection. In addition to making sure that everything is in working order, the inspector will be on the lookout for hazards. While the need for repairs or replacement is important, the health of those who live in the home is of much greater importance.

As a trusted Realtor, my networks of local contacts provide the best in the business for all things real estate.  A home inspection gives you as the buyer some time to spend in the home, and more importantly a full report on your future house. 

Home inspection reports can vary greatly and some will be very brief checklist-style documents, while others will be comprehensive narratives with photos. Feel free to ask your home inspector for a sample report prior to the inspection, which will give you time to review inspection reports from several companies. This review can help you determine what the inspector will include during the evaluation of the home. Some inspection companies even use different report formats for different levels of service. Be sure to ask so you know what you will be getting in the end.

A good inspector will:

  • walks on the roof
  • goes into the crawl space and attic
  • removes the furnace and electrical panel covers to see what's inside
  • checks all electrical outlets and switches
  • opens and closes all windows and doors
  • examines the insides of closets and the undersides of stairs
  • checks walls, ceilings and floors for defects-in Colorado expansive soil cause a great deal of problems to foundations.
  • checks water pressure and drain function in plumbing fixture
  • flushes toilets to make sure they work
  • checks chimneys and flues to be sure they work
  • checks the exterior of the home for signs of weather damage, decay and settling
  • knows the soil and flooding problems in the area where you're buying.
  • radon check this will usually cost an additional fee
  • sewer scope may be required on older homes with large trees.

There are limits, however, to what a home inspection will cover. They aren't required to identify conditions that are concealed or are considered latent defects. That means if personal property, plants, snow, or debris is covering an issue, the home inspector isn't require to move those items to inspect it and isn't liable if he misses it. They aren't require to make determinations on systems that aren't readily accessible.

Having a trusted inspector means that most every problem that can be identified, will be. And inspection is about peace of mind, and a good inspector gives you that.

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Feb. 26, 2022

5 Reasons You Should List Your House TODAY

5 Reasons Selling A Home Now Makes Sense

Many home owners are currently waiting until Spring to put their home on the market. Their thinking goes along the lines that everything always looks best when the grass is green and flowers are in bloom. A home will surely be easier to sell if that is the case.  But you may want to rethink about selling your home NOW this year.

Here are 5 reasons we think you should list your home for sale NOW!

Home Inventory at Record Lows

The inventory of homes for sale throughout Colorado have dropped substantially over the last six months. The number of homes for sale in most communities has fallen to lows we have not seen for many years. When home inventory levels drop, home prices tend to rise. This will become even more prevalent in a more desirable neighborhood where buyer competition is normally high. There are more than likely going to be bidding wars on every home listed.

Demand is Up For Homes

Contrary to what some people may think there are lots of buyers out in the market place right now looking for a home. We have several. Some are first time buyers who are looking for a place to build some equity. There are others who see an opportunity to “move up” in the market as home prices have dropped substantially since the market peak in 2005.

Renting vs. Buying

In this area, the monthly payments on a purchased home are very close to the same as renting when tax benefits are considered. Rents here have steadily increased while home prices have dropped. Home ownership makes complete sense if a down payment can be attained.

Interest Rates Creeping Up

Interest rates have begun to inch up from their historic lows, and predictions are that they will continue the slow upward movement.

New Construction Starting Up Again

In and around Denver builders are starting to get back into the fray. When builders are actively building homes it becomes harder for some who are selling their used homes to compete. There are many that will jump at the chance to have a shiny new home with all the bells and whistles customized to their specific needs. When new construction is limited, previously owned homes are all that there is for buyers to consider.

As you can see, if there are no time constraints on your part you should consider moving up your time frame for putting your home up for sale. All the conditions are optimum for sellers to get the most they possibly can from a March sale. As always, Keenan Real Estate would like the opportunity to discuss listing your home.  Maybe you are just curious about your current home Value, you can find it here at Home Value Colorado all you need to do type in your address.  We will help you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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Feb. 12, 2022


Once  home buyer has been approved for a mortgage loan, they need to make sure they don't jeopardize the loan by making any of the common mistakes listed below.  The lenders can and will rescind a loan offer and the buyer is left with no home.    

Common mistakes

• Making a big purchase. Big purchases, such as a new car or furniture, can change the buyer’s debt-to-income ratio that the lender used to initially approve the buyer’s home loan.
• Opening new credit. Buyers should avoid new credit card applications between approval and closing.
• Missing payments. Even bills in dispute should be paid on time between loan approval and closing.
• Cashing out. Avoid transferring large sums of money between bank accounts or making
undocumented deposits – both could send up “red flags” to a lender.

These mistakes truly are deal breakers and adversely affect your mortgage loan.  It is best to call your lender or me before making any big purchases or if you have any questions.


If you are currently pricing homes in our market, you might be interested in Keenan Real Estate's email listings service, which sends you up-to-date information on all listings as they become available. The service is free and can be found HERE

And just so you know, using me as a buyer agent won’t cost you anything. My services are paid for by the home seller.  I specialize in working for home buyers, representing their best interests throughout a purchase.

Or if you're looking to sell today or are thinking of selling tomorrow, please feel free to call or visit or ask for an analysis of our recent market activity.

We would be more than happy answer any questions you might have.


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