Spending money at local businesses can have a bigger impact on the  economy than spending those same dollars at national chains, a new study states.

Research conducted by Civic Economics detailing the amount of revenue returned to the local community by locally-owned, independent businesses showed that 52 percent of all revenues went back into their communities compared to about 14 percent for national chain stores.

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Lets support our local economy!!


Why shop at a locally owned business first? The following 10 reasons show how more money spent at local businesses is reinvested in your community creating diversity and helping the community maintain or create its unique appeal.

  1. Shopping local creates jobs. 
    Shops in our town create local employment and self-employment. These people in turn spend in the local community.

  2. Local independent shops invest more in our communities.
    Local business owners invest in the community and have a vested interest in the future of this community. Supporting local shops means a financial impact on your community.

  3. Local shops sell a wide range of great products at affordable prices.
    Many people fall out of the habit of shopping locally and are then surprised by the range of products and gifts available. 

  4. Shopping local saves you money.
    Out of town shops have done a good job of convincing us that local business equals expensive. If you add travel, fees to transfer items and your time, the overall cost is often much higher.

  5. Shopping local retains our communities.
    People don’t like losing shops and services in small towns but don’t equate this to how they spend their money. The business community becomes reflective of this community’s unique culture.

  6. Shopping local retains our distinctiveness.
    Independent shops create distinctive shopping experiences and stock different products. Local businesses respond quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs.

  7. Shopping local saves the environment.
    Local shops often stock a high percentage of local sourced goods which do not require long car and bus journeys, helping reduce our global footprint.

  8. Local shops are for everyone.
    Most people can get to their local shops easily and this is especially important for the elderly and young generations and those without transportation.

  9. Local shops value you more.
    Evidence from numerous surveys show people receive better customer care and service locally. These businesses survive by their reputation and repeat business, which means you get a higher standard of service.

  10. Parker is more important to Keenan Real Estate than a cheaper pair of socks!