Historically, the home buying season begins in the spring however there are some key factors that could be beneficial to the home buyer in the colder months. We all want to save money, especially with the largest purchase that we probably will ever make. Doesn’t it make sense to at least consider buying a home in the winter if you could save big bucks? Sure it does. 

Listed below are 6 reasons why we think you as a buyer should purchase a home during the winter.

1. Prices will continue to rise.

According to CoreLogic, which is a global leader in property information and analytics, home prices have risen by 6.2% in the year leading up to last August. They are also projecting a 5.3% increase in home prices for the upcoming year. You can only imagine what percent that you could save on your home purchase by not waiting for the spring season to arrive.

2. Mortgage rates are projected to increase.

We have been enjoying low interest rates for several years now but according to Freddie Mac interest rates will trend higher in the next year. As of today the rate for a 30 year fixed loan is 4.13, up from 3.95 a year ago. Here’s a quote from Freddie Mac concerning the forecast on rates:

“We expect that interest rates will have more modest increases in store and that mortgage rates throughout 2017 will be significantly higher than what we thought last month.”

3. You’re paying a mortgage anyway.

Unless you are living with your parents rent free, you are paying someone’s mortgage payment whether it’s yours or your landlords. Paying for your own mortgage is kind of like having “forced savings” that you will be able to tap into later in life. If you’re renting, you are creating a savings account for whoever owns the property that you’re living in.

4. Less market activity.

Typically during the colder months of winter there are less buyers so this is a great way for you to capitalize. With less buyers you will have better chances of getting a better price for your new home due to a few factors. Sellers know that there are fewer buyers and may be more willing to negotiate on their price. Also, with less activity you more than likely will not have to deal with any bidding wars that you may encounter during the summer. 

5. Motivated sellers.

Sellers who list their home during the winter know that there are fewer buyers in the market to purchase. What I have found out over the years is that sellers do not necessarily drop their prices during the winter but are more willing to negotiate their price.

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