Selling your home can easily feel overwhelming. Most of us have a lot of stuff, and just the word "decluttering" can trigger a panic attack. But depending on your timeline for moving, preparing to sell your home can take as long (or as short) as you need it to.

For some home sellers, especially those who have lived in their home for decades, getting ready to sell might take years. Maybe you're facing physical limitations, and need to hire professionals to reduce the clutter and clean all the sneaky corners. Or maybe you just want to take your time going through the house that you've loved and lived in for so long. Whatever the reason, it's ok if it takes a while to get ready for listing. Talk with an agent about the market and strategize your timing to maximize your sales price.

Other home sellers might be dealing with a job transfer that requires a fast move. I recently had clients who needed to move within a month, so we had their home listed within 5 days of our first meeting. That definitely isn't typical, but we made it work.

This timeline gives you a rough idea of the stages of getting your home listed. There of course are a lot more details along the way. And this doesn't begin to cover the checklist after an offer is received. But if you're thinking of selling your house, and wondering where to begin, this should help!